Looking for a tasty holiday pie? Try these locations around Jackson

Pecan, apple, pumpkin, and egg are words best followed by pie, at least around the holiday dinner table.

Pies during the holidays are a tradition for most families that are often filled with various fillings and crusts to meet a desired taste.

Whether you’re expecting a house full of guests or an intimate gathering with family, pies can make or break the holiday gathering.

Pecan pie is always a favorite in Mississippi for Thanksgiving dessert.

If you are looking for new pie flavors to add to your family traditions, check out these pie shops in the Jackson area.

1. Broad Street Baking Company & Cafe Broad Street

Broad Street Bakery has been a prominent bakery in the Jackson area for over 20 years.

Sol Blumenthal, the grandfather of Broad Street co-founder and executive chef, Dan Blumenthal detailed their artisan baking recipes from scratch that later turned into a franchise.

The bakery offers different flavorful pies such as crack pies and pecan pies.

To receive a full-serving size pie, orders must be in 24 hours prior to the desired day.

Fan favorite crack pies are made of oatmeal cookie crust and an ooey gooey irresistible filling. The crust is crushed-up oatmeal cookies mixed with butter and brown sugar.

The pecan pie is made of pecans, with a filling that includes butter, sugar, eggs, and corn syrup.